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New MTM How-to Sheet from Covering Wisconsin - Using Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Mental Health Task Force / Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a covered Medicaid benefit for Wisconsinites enrolled in Medicaid. We often see that Medicaid participants may not understand what is covered by NEMT and what their rights are. See below for a link to a new “How-to Sheet” which explains how to use Medical Transportation Management (MTM) to get to appointments. This is especially important as the GO Pass is no longer available to some community members, and is no longer free. Please share this new resource widely.

Click here for the MTM Sheet

This new how-to sheet explains in plain language how to use Medical Transportation Management (MTM) to help consumers get to medical appointments.

This service is for consumers who are enrolled in a program that uses the ForwardHealth card.
Our how-to sheets are provided freely for use as needed. Consumer testing has been conducted.

If you or your agency would like to add your logo or distribute these materials more widely, or as part of a standard routine, please contact Allison Espeseth at

Click here to view Covering Wisconsins full series of How-to Sheets

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