New materials to defend Medicaid & the Affordable Care Act

NHeLP Paper on Access to Medicaid Services

Studies Counter HHS Head Tom Price’s Claims on Quality of Care

The administration and congressional Republicans are signaling they are still committed to finding ways to repeal the Affordable Care Act and undermine Medicaid.

Medicaid has served as a lifeline for more than 50 years for low-income and vulnerable populations. To counter Republican efforts to dismantle the program, NHeLP is providing valuable resources and information highlighting the effectiveness of Medicaid and its importance to the individuals and families it serves.

In a new paper in our “What Makes Medicaid, Medicaid?” series, Senior Attorneys Abbi Coursolle and Wayne Turner and Senior Policy Analyst, write, “Medicaid is designed to include many protections that ensure beneficiaries get more than a coverage card. Medicaid ensures that beneficiaries have access to a range of services specifically designed for their needs.” Read their paper, “What Makes Medicaid, Medicaid? - Access,” and please share with your networks and via social media.

Jordan Weissmann for Slate reports on a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) that contradicts HHS Secretary Tom Price’s oft-repeated claims that the ACA has provided more coverage to people, but is not providing them access to care. According to the study, Weissmann writes that the ACA has “increased both coverage and care, which in a more rational world would force Price to find a new spiel.” See NBER’s study here.

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