Join the Race to Justice!!!

The Leadership of the Restore Our Communities (ROC Wisconsin) Campaign feels that 2018 is the year when we will make some significant progress in the effort to reform Wisconsin’s Criminal Justice system! We know that work for racial and economic justice is a marathon, but inside that big race the ROC Wisconsin team believes it is time for a sprint! And so we announce the Race to Justice Campaign to raise many voices calling for serious reform and demanding that our broken “corrections” system be addressed by all who want our votes in November.

The first step in the Race to Justice is a series of local training and organizing gatherings. For four hours on a Saturday, we will bring together current ROC leaders, allies, friends and people who want to get involved. We will get clear about some of the many issues; we’ll practice telling our stories and hearing the stories of the people who have been most impacted; we’ll get ourselves organized; and we’ll make plans for the next six months.

After the trainings, we will be doing outreach, and we will have candidate forums for people running for Governor and for the state legislature. We will make presentations and we’ll go door-to door. And, we will join efforts to get everyone in Wisconsin to vote this fall.

The conversation about needed reforms to the justice system is starting to happen on every level. We need to be sure our officials and those who want to represent us understand that significant change is urgently needed regarding Crimeless Revocations, the Parole system, Solitary Confinement, Treatment Alternatives and Diversions, MSDF, and more.

Please plan to attend the Race to Justice training in your area. More details will follow.

Race to Justice Training Events:
The events will be held from 9 am to 1 pm. In some places, there will be an afternoon public event.

  • Wausau area - March 24
  • Southeast Wisconsin - April 7
  • Madison area - April 14
  • Green Bay and the Fox Cities - April 28
  • Eau Claire area - May 5
  • Superior - May 4 (a briefer, evening event)

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