New Voter ID Provisions and Summer Elections

From Disability Rights Wisconsin, Milwaukee

June 21, 2011

As you know the Legislature recently passed and Governor Walker signed in to law Voter ID legislation which will create many new restrictions. All voters should educate themselves about these changes. Some of the changes may be of particular concern to people with disabilities and frail elderly. Below are the provisions of the bill that go into effect immediately. Please help spread the word.

Residents of Milwaukee County who live in the 8th Senate district will have two opportunities to vote this summer: in the July 12th primary and the August 9th general election. People may miss out on their right to vote if they are not aware of the new provisions. Many people may be away due to summer vacation and camp schedules so it is important to allow ample time to apply for absentee ballots.

Voter ID Provisions

The provisions that go into effect immediately:

  1. 28 day residency requirement (was 10 days)

  2. Soft implementation of the Photo ID requirement. Requires poll workers to ask for ID and if folks don’t have it then to give them information about the change in law.

  3. Registration: Late registration changed to 5 pm or the close of business, whichever is later, on the Friday before Election Day..

  4. Absentee voting in-person changed to between the opening of business on the third Monday before Election Day and 5 pm or the close of business, whichever is later, on the Friday before Election Day.

  5. G.A.B. may no longer appoint Special Registration Deputies.

  6. Requires voters who register after bill becomes law to provide their former address as part of the registration form.

  7. Requires G.A.B. add a statement on the registration form that falsification of voter registration information on voter registration form is a Class I felony.

  8. Eliminates Corroboration

  9. Signing of the poll book: Voter must sign the poll book before being issued a ballot unless unable due to physical disability. §§6.36 (2)(a), 6.79 (2)(a) (am); Sections 36, 45–46.

Here is a link to the GAB summary:

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