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11×15 Blueprint to End Mass Incarceration
Wednesday, December 10, 10:00 am
State Capitol, Room 411S

Now that we have brought attention to three of the issues of the 11×15 campaign, we are planning another big event on December 10 in Madison. Mark your calendar and watch for details. The idea of that day will be to release the “11×15 Blueprint for Ending Mass Incarceration in Wisconsin.”

The Blueprint will lay out clearly all the steps that can and should be taken by our state right now to put an end to mass incarceration:

  • A much bigger investment in Treatment Alternatives and Diversions (TAD) at the front end of the system. Read the recent TAD study here.

  • A call to move 17 year-olds back into the juvenile system, and to take a new look at sentencing.

  • A call to immediately release more than 2,800 parole-eligible prisoners.

  • Concrete suggestions related to revocations, transitional jobs, housing, “Ban the Box” and other steps that could be taken to make it easier for people to succeed after their time in jail or prison comes to an end.

We are making progress in the 11×15 campaign. It is not as fast as we would like it to be, but we are moving in the right direction. People are paying attention. Now, pretty much everybody agrees that we have way too many people in our prisons and jails. We just want to challenge them to do the obvious things that can and should be done to reduce the numbers.

Yesterday WUWM carried an interview with MICAH President Rev. Willie Brisco and Lois Quinn, author of Wisconsin’s Mass Incarceration of African American Males.

UWUM is paying attention. Help us make sure our public decision makers pay attention too. WISDOM will be participating in Giving Tuesday on December 2. Please plan to make a significant contribution to fund our work. If you don’t want to wait, you can donate now!

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