Hispanic GOP Anti-Immigrant Bill

Mr. Joe Medina
Chairman, Hispanic Caucus
and Member of the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin

Ref: AB 450

Dear Mr. Medina:

I once served as Chairman of the Latino Caucus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. As you are currently Chairman of the Hispanic Caucus of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, I am frankly flabbergasted by your silence regarding the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the Republican Party of which you are a member.

The recent passage of AB 450 without so much as a word of protest from you is very disheartening. Your lack of leadership is very disappointing to the vast majority of Latinos in Wisconsin.

I am very disappointed by your lack of concern for a bill that has the potential to separate U.S.-born children from their parents-which is completely inhuman.

Further, this legislation makes Wisconsin look bad. It does not serve any measure of security. It feeds into the Trump-like paranoia being fueled by venomous words supported by the polluted minds of certain people. You know that Latinos of all walks of life love this country and have served our nation proudly. Why are you silent about this matter?

Your lack of leadership is helping to fuel unfounded fears of Latino immigrants. A fear that your Party is helping to encourage.

Unfortunately, you have not made any public statement against these bills, nor have you condemned the false narratives produced by over-zealous anti-immigrant members of the Republican Party.

Your silence certainly makes the relationship between the Republican Party and Latinos here in Wisconsin appears to be a relationship of Hispanic subjugation.

If you as a conservative view this bill as being representative of conservative values, then I fear for the future of our great state and mighty nation. If Hispanic leaders of the Republican Party are too timid to stand against an unjust law such as AB450, then the future of
the Republican Party of Wisconsin should be a future sin Latinos (without Latinos).

I am asking that you condemn this bill for the sake of immigrant families and their U.S.-citizen children. I also am asking that, as Chairman of the Hispanic Caucus of the Republican Party, that you publicly condemn this law and ask Governor Walker not to sign this bill.

Wisconsin Hispanic Republicans should be in a position to guide the GOP towards a common sense approach to immigration. Being silent is counterproductive.

Robert Miranda
Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal
Program Director, WTSJ - Channel 38
Former Chairman, Latino Caucus, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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