Oct. 13th Mental Health Task Force meeting

Mental Health Task Force Update – Please Join Us October 13th!

IndependenceFirst, 540 S. 1st St. at 3 – 5 PM

We hope to see you Tuesday, October 13th at 3 PM at IndependenceFirst for our monthly Task Force meeting. Our featured topic will be Comprehensive Community Services (CCS). Guest speakers Jennifer Alfredson and Jennifer Wittwer, Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, will provide education about Comprehensive Community Services, including addressing questions submitted by the Task Force. This is a great opportunity to learn more about CCS – don’t miss it.

Other agenda topics will include:

  • Discussion of recent media coverage and statements from elected officials equating mental illness and violence- how to respond

  • Update re Community Justice Council and work on McArthur grant proposal

  • Mental Health Board Update

  • Update on state policy issues including long term care redesign

  • Update on county budget, including third shift coverage at the CRCs. Note: the Crisis Resource Center third shift funding allocation of $346,000 and plan approved by the Mental Health Board in a budget amendment, was not in the budget. A smaller allocation was made for limited implementation at only one CRC (see links below).

  • Proposed plans for upcoming meeting:
    Invite Judge White and/or Asst Chief Harpole for November meeting and Community Justice Council update
    Plans for Strategic planning at December meeting

Links to budget information regarding the CRC:
Here is a link to the BHD budget: http://county.milwaukee.gov/ImageLibrary/Groups/cntyDAS/PSB/Budgets/2016-Budget/2015-Recommended-Budget/6300-BHD.pdf
The narrative regarding the CRC is on the final page, page 10, and reads:

“$150,000 is provided for phased implementation of third shift coverage at Northside Crisis Resource Center in order to complete a data-driven evaluation of the demand, effectiveness, and fiscal feasibility of providing 24/7 services. Efforts are already underway to move this initiative forward in 2015.”

Here is a link to the amendment passed by the Mental Health Board – the staffing and related costs in the amendment were provided by TLS, the agency which operates both CRCs:

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