Open letter to our community

We Energies wants us to pay $16 each month before we even turn on a light. That means this unfair billing proposal will force our families to pay close to $100 dollars more each year in fixed fees, this is not acceptable.

Please join us in opposing WE Energies’ unfair billing proposal.

An analysis by the National Consumer Law Center says this change will disproportionately affect the African American community, as well as other minority communities. Our community is still working to recover from the impact of a long recession. Many of our families hold up to three jobs to make ends meet. If approved, this proposal will hold us back further, instead of helping us move forward to better things.

Please call Public Service Commissioners (PSC) and let them know you are opposed to We Energies’ unfair billing scheme to raise your monthly fees to $16.

Please call PSC Chairperson Phil Montgomery, Commissioner Eric Callisto, and Commissioner Ellen Nowak (608)267–7898.

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