Outrageous! GOP votes NO on background checks.

By Jeri Bonavia <WAVE@waveedfund.org>

Can you believe what happened in our state capitol last night? A commonsense proposal requiring background checks on all gun sales was voted down along party lines. That’s right — just a few days after 17 people were killed in Douglas High School, the Republicans in the Wisconsin State Assembly voted NO on background checks on all gun sales.

Democrats brought the background check proposal to the floor in response to an outcry from the public for legislators to take action. Despite many hours of passionate debate on the Assembly floor, despite the presentation of research on the benefits of background checks, and despite local high school students begging them to prevent future school shootings, the Republicans voted NO.

Click here to send a message to the Assembly. We must thank and support the legislators who fought for our kids’ safety, and we must express our outrage to those who pretend there is nothing more they can do.

Background checks work. That’s why the latest national polling from Quinnipiac University, released Tuesday, shows 97% of Americans are in favor of laws requiring background checks on every gun sale.

Tell our legislators you are part of the 97%. Tell them you are committed to preventing gun violence and you expect the same from them. Thank those who have listened to our voices and remind the others that they represent the people, not the gun lobby.

There is no excuse for further inaction.

Stand strong.

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