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Pass Throughs and Poverty Pimps

By John Alan

Have you ever heard the phrase “Pass Through” or “Poverty Pimp”? If not you should become familiar with the terms because those are the main reasons that Black entrepreneurship stagnates in Milwaukee and Black Milwaukeeans have not progressed since the 1960s.

In this article we will talk about the “Pass Throughs.” We will leave the “Poverty Pimps” for another article to follow.

Many people outside Wisconsin and Milwaukee often marvel at the perceived opportunities minority businesses have in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. The city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin have generous minority participation clauses in all of their purchasing requirements: from 5% to 25%.

But if you checked, you would find that the city and the state almost never meet those requirements for any of its contracts, and this has gone on for decades. (These facts are made clear) by the most recent job creation failure noted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s article regarding the public housing development project at Westlawn.
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