Pass Throughs and Poverty Pimps part 2

By John Alan

So what do you get when you have Jobless Economic Development? You get an industry based on the poverty of the people who don’t have jobs.

I don’t know who created the phrase “Poverty Pimps,” but it is so descriptive. The word Poverty conjures up images of run-down houses in dirty neighborhoods littered with garbage, inhabited by the under nourished, unwashed, uneducated, unmotivated masses, and the word Pimp is synonymous with a self gratifying, self centered, self absorbed individual who only thinks of himself, but is able to convince others that he or she is looking out for the best interest of others.

The Poverty Pimp, like the common street pimp, takes advantage of his victim’s weaknesses, fear, low self-esteem, hunger, confusion, feelings of being in a mess on their own with no one who really cares about what happens to them, etc. The difference is that the street pimp is considered a criminal whereas the Poverty Pimp is generally sanctioned by the government, both local and federal. Some Poverty Pimps even work out of churches and other community supported organizations.

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