Planned Parenthood Opens a New State-of-the-Art Health Care Facility

Planned Parenthood is proud of our 80+ year history providing essential health care to the community and working to enhance women’s access to high quality and safe health care. Today, thanks to supporters like you, we are building on that legacy of care by announcing the opening of our new, state-of-the-art health care facility that will anchor access to abortion care in Wisconsin. The construction of the new health center was made possible entirely thanks to the generous financial support of many individuals throughout Wisconsin.

At Planned Parenthood, we believe strongly that part of having a healthy community is making sure that every member has access to safe, high quality reproductive health care, including abortion. As you likely know, it has become harder for women in Wisconsin to access needed reproductive health care. With only three health centers in Wisconsin providing safe and legal abortion care, Planned Parenthood is anchoring abortion access in our largest city to ensure women have access to the care they need in a beautiful, inclusive space that is reflective of the dignity our patients deserve. Through the development of our new health center, we are pleased to have also contributed to the improvement of a previously vacant manufacturing site in Milwaukee’s Harbor District.

While we know the need to enhance access to reproductive health care in many areas is great, securing access to care in Southeast Wisconsin is critical. Securing access for women in the most populated region of Wisconsin in the face of declining access and continued political attacks is essential. Know that our work does not stop here. We see the significant service gaps for abortion and reproductive health care as a whole throughout the state and will continue our work to identify opportunities to improve access in additional communities.

The next few months will be an important time for us to rally together to show our support for essential, high quality, comprehensive health care. Now that our opponents know our plans to enhance services, you can bet they will do everything they can to stop us. Together we will not let that happen!

You, your friends, and your family can support our efforts by being visible with your support for Planned Parenthood. Share the importance of Planned Parenthood in your lives on Facebook or Twitter by tagging #WILovesPP! You can make an appointment at any of our health centers at

One in five women trusts Planned Parenthood at some point in their lives for safe, quality, and compassionate health care like cancer screens, birth control, and STD testing and treatment. We look forward to building on that trust by continuing to be there for women no matter what her circumstances and health care needs. With your continued support, we look forward to delivering on our mission of serving all women in need of high quality health care – no matter what!

Tanya Atkinson,
President and CEO
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

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