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Policy Changes to IDAP - Interim Disability Assistance Program

Mental Health Task Force / Make It Work Milwaukee Update

We are writing to pass on information about some changes to the Milwaukee County Interim Disability Assistance Program (IDAP) Program. As a result of budget cuts in the 2018 Milwaukee County budget, there are some policy changes to IDAP, effective April 1 – please see the memo from Geri Lyday below with details. Note that the IDAP program is administered by Milwaukee County and operated by Community Advocates.

By way of background, IDAP is a County-funded temporary loan program that provides a small monthly payment to financially needy County residents 18 and older who are unable to work due to a disability, and who have a high probability of receiving federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The payment is issued until SSI eligibility is approved or denied, after which IDAP eligibility ends.

IDAP is not an entitlement benefit, but an interest-free loan and IDAP recipients must sign a contract to repay. If SSI is approved, repayment is deducted from the initial SSI lump sum payment. If SSI is denied, eligibility ends and the individual is expected to reimburse the County from any future income or non-exempt assets, or from their estate upon death. Since the wait for federal disability benefits which can extend to many months, IDAP provides a modest but crucial safety net for some of our neediest community members, who rely on the small monthly payment to help cover rent, transportation, and other basic needs. | Click for full size

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