Priority: Overcoming Opposition

by Patricia Obletz, Editor July 7, 2011

The atrocity that is greed winks at we the people as it struts its stuff on the world stage. The ongoing outrageous arrogance of new Republican governors, who paid off their backers right after their terms began, and then went after public union bargaining rights, public education and public healthcare, keeps shocking me as their plans unfold.

Good thing MSNBC Senior Correspondent and TIME Magazine Senior Editor Mark Halperin’s true nature tripped him up on “Morning Joe” on June 30, 2011. He is but a mirror of the mindset that is trying to lock out democracy: racist, rich, and authoritarian --- a variation of, no Black man is going to raise my taxes, personal or commercial. But which of his cohorts don’t hate the fact that we Americans and the world are being led by a man of African and American heritage? It’s shocking to hear how much contempt laced Halperin’s response to the question of evaluating Pres. Obama’s press conference. How fabulous it is that so many members of the wired and wireless media are exposing every slur made against United States President Barack Hussein Obama.

President Barack Obama’s intelligence, emotional IQ, and stability guided by his wise and loving nature must lay shame in the bellies of his opponents. If not, then how can they claim moral and ethical character? The opposition is smart and knows right from wrong. But greed breeds tunnel vision and narrow minds too consumed by the assumption that money makes you a superior being, whether you make it or inherit it.

The stark reality of the way the GOP addresses the most powerful leader of the world is unique in history. However, until 2011, cold, hard, calculating greed has been working to mastermind a world devoted to profit behind closed doors. As we so painfully know, the GOP elected in November 2010 slammed open those doors for new Republican governors in January. Do you think that racism has made that political party too angry to think straight? I do. How else can you explain the takeover of Michigan’s Benton Harbor by the governor’s emergency financial manager, Joe Harris? Arranging for such annexations was one of the first things on Michigan’s Rick Snyder’s to-do list as governor, right next to ending public worker collective bargaining rights. But, in Benton Harbor, a mainly African American waterfront hometown, the beachfront property that was deeded to the city in perpetuity has become “partially privatized” for the construction of an exclusive country club. The mayor and city council have lost power to represent residents. If the Benton Harbor hijacking hasn’t caught your attention, the whole story is at

Good News

Wisconsin’s WE Energies has agreed to clean up its Valley Coal Plant. Now we need to keep on them to make sure they do it.

And More Good News

You may not know every GOP action to decimate human and civil rights, but these unassailable facts are being exposed by truth tellers, such as Rachel Maddow on MSNBC ( She discloses FACTS, not wishes or certain ideologies, as do so many others in the media. Please urge your family and friends to see Maddow, Charlie Rose on PBS (, Howard Kurtz on CNN, and world news; for example,

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane had an opportunity to address the anti-racist campaign that was launched by the new administration of the Milwaukee NAACP when his Sunday, June 26, 2011, column carelessly summed up that branch’s recent report on Black Milwaukee by saying the new research matched 10-year-old reports. It appears that apathy and ambiguity drove this column of Kane’s. He ended it with this: “In other words, it reads like the same old story and one just about everybody should be sick and tired of by now.” What does he mean? We should accept these facts as “the way it is,” or, we should fight to right these wrongs? Kane isn’t clear. Kane doesn’t appear to be taking a stand against business as usual. Are you?

Why didn’t Kane mention the MKE NAACP’s recent call for external audits of the hiring practices of Milwaukee, city and county, and Wisconsin? The Federal Department of Justice already is, as we know, just now investigating New Berlin’s racist practices in housing. The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Three have long been violating Civil Rights laws in their hiring practices. Now the Milwaukee NAACP is taking a stand against this racist behavior with allies such as the Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope (MICAH), ACLU, and a long list of collaborative partners that needs to include every one of us who doesn’t own financial security.

I wonder why Kane didn’t cite the genetic components of clinical depression and other mental illnesses that descend on most everyone living in poverty, infecting them with hopelessness and post traumatic stress disorder. I wonder why he didn’t link this fact to the use of crack cocaine and how users were treated before President Barack Obama lessened the penalty for this offense — for the facts, visit: That story’s question was answered Tuesday, June 28, 2011, when the US Sentencing Commission at last agreed to make the lesser penalty for crack offenses retroactive. ( But of course, shortening sentences goes against the will of the private prison industry, which takes us back to greed.

Where justice is bought, profit directs arrests and convictions

Since 2000, the number of prisoners has increased by only 15 percent. However, the number of prisoners in privately held prisons has jumped to 120 percent. Last year, just two private prisons made almost $3 billion, according to the new report researched by the Justice Policy Institute at The new JPI study found that two prison policies promote harsher sentences and longer prison sentences. The top three prison companies spent $7 million in political contributions.

The prison lobby in Arizona is the most obvious portrait of the ongoing intent to privatize public services that the GOP are turning into legislation. That state passed the harshest immigration law, designed to flood prison profits. Thirty of 36 elected officials co-sponsored this law. Each received campaign contributions from prison companies and lobbyists. The most affected population is, of course, people of color and the poor. Where justice is bought, profit drives arrests and convictions. And maybe, if the anti-Drug War soldiers win, Greed will have to rely on illegal immigrants to make up the loss of drug offender prison revenue. The USA spends three times more on prisoners than on students. We know that’s been troubling for decades now.

Police forces over the last 30 years are being militarized and acting like soldiers in combat, mostly for pot and crack arrests, at least once killing a child by mistake

Racism drives policy and greed assumes the right to perpetuate racism. The basest elements of human nature cleave to scapegoating, bigotry and hate as a way to raise personal senses of superiority. That kind of fuel levels nations.

Perhaps only subconsciously, most of us who have a good idea of what’s going on in our country have to wonder about all the concealed carry laws being enacted. So many people I know say that these laws are arming citizens for the coming race war.

Pray that they are wrong, or that the race war, aka movement for civil rights, will be non-violent. But when Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane had the perfect opportunity to advocate for justice, why didn’t his June 26 piece promote the end to civil rights law violations in our community? We all are on one side of that fence, or the other. We cannot sit on it any longer.

The Best News

Because there are more of us than there are of the Greed Gang, please be sure to ensure that everyone you know obtains a Voter ID and can get to the voting booth. If possible, please volunteer to help others vote. Reminders:
1) Registration: Late registration changed to 5 pm or the close of business, whichever is
later, on the Friday before Election Day.

2) Absentee voting in-person changed to between the opening of business on the third Monday before Election Day and 5 pm, or the close of business, whichever is later, on the Friday before Election Day.

American human and civil rights are at risk. Pay attention to Democrat and Republican words and actions. Speak out against oppression. Get voter IDs and vote in every election from now on. Voting is how we the people will defeat greed. Wisconsinites can recall Gov. Walker and some of his senators, just as legislation by other governors will be rescinded. Wisconsin. Michigan, Ohio and more states’ governors face having their financial take-over legislation overturned in November’s election by the people for the people. We need to ensure that everyone who is eligible is able to vote in 2012.

This time in our lives is as critical to our freedom as was World War II. The Evil Axis this time tells us near daily that they do not intend to safeguard the education, health and welfare of the majority of people --- as if they already own the electoral college as well as an inhabitable planet somewhere in space. Otherwise, why would any sane individual vote to pollute the soil, air and water on earth? We already know that the opposition wants to destroy abortion rights and birth control to ensure future generations of servants. The GOPpers’ intentions are sickeningly clear and they come from the other side of sanity.

Balance is everything. We may not like some of the things President Barack Obama is doing, but there is no doubting his intentions to improve life for the majority of people.

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