Priority: The Double-Edged Sword of Insanity 2010

by Patricia Obletz, Editor and Lauri Wynn, Retired Teacher & Union Leader

Building on yesterday’s editorial, please think about this: In his November 8, 2010, Online Journal piece, a long-time investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen, tried to impugn US President Barack Hussein Obama’s sanity @ According to his critics, Madsen is a conspiracy theorist and conspiracy minded blogger. That he has an audience is a painful fact.

Efforts to sabotage President Barack Hussein Obama by the Tea Party, and journalists such as Madsen, bring clarity to the aim of the fast-diminishing population of white people in America. The fact is that we all need to accept that current minority populations will soon outnumber white people, and that, if efforts are not made now to think of all of us as human beings, insanity will own the United States of America far more than lust for money and power.

We need to wake up and face the fact that US President Barack Obama is a universal leader whose intention is to improve life for the majority. You all should know the history of the USA. And applaud the amazing steps forward that our President Obama is making. He already has accomplished the following, and much much more:

  • Launched to give we the public access to all Recovery Act spending and enable everyone to report fraud, waste or abuse;
  • Provided $1.4 Billion plus to help USA Veterans;
  • Signed bill authorizing healthcare coverage for 11 million kids, 4 million of whom were never insured before;
  • Repealed Bush’s embryonic stem cell research ban;
  • Signed first bill that improves the lives of people living with paralysis;
  • Developed stimulus package of about $18 million for nondefense scientific research;
  • Increased minority access to the capitol.

Check our President’s record to date for yourself.

More people than ever, at least those who can afford them, are taking anti-anxiety medication in these years of economic instability. Why would anyone think that President Barack Obama shouldn’t take anti-anxiety medication, given the tightrope he must walk and survive every minute of every day?

So why are Tea Party-minded people trying to sabotage the only foreseeable hope this country has of improving the quality of life for every citizen? Fear, greed, and racism, each a key symptom of many mental illnesses.

Racism is often insanity. Madsen’s 11/8/10 “Obama” piece reeks of it.

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