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Public Hearing on Acid Mining Bill

It’s time to make your voice heard – AGAIN!

Sen. “Toxic Tom” Tiffany has launched his second effort to surrender Wisconsin’s natural resources to powerful mining interests like accused human rights abuser Rio Tinto and Canadian polluter Aquila Resources.

His new legislation, the Industrial Acid Mining Bill (SB 395), will attempt to repeal a decades-old, proven protector of our drinking water, wildlife, and surface waters – the Prove It First mining law.

Sulfide mining is America’s most toxic industry, according to the EPA. It poisons rivers, disrupts eco-systems, and taints groundwater with heavy metals and carcinogens like lead, arsenic, and cyanide.

On Thursday, September 7th at 9:00 a.m., Tiffany along with his Sporting Heritage, Mining, and Forestry Committee, will hold a public hearing on the proposed legislation at Ladysmith High School, 1700 Edgewood Avenue E. RSVP now to join us!

Before that, the committee and the public will tour the Flambeau mine site, a “reclaimed” site that Tiffany and his polluting pals will masquerade as so-called “proof” mining won’t pollute Wisconsin.

Attend the hearing! Sign up now!

Of course, “reclaimed” is a lie. At least one nearby stream is classified as impaired. In fact, no metallic sulfide mine has ever spared local waters from its ghastly consequences – bright yellow acid water, wildlife destruction, and ground and surface water contamination.

Join us in this crucially important fight for the Wisconsin we love. Come out, register in opposition to the bill, speak your testimony to the committee – don’t worry, we’ll help – and defeat Toxic Tom’s latest monumentally misguided effort to court industrial polluters.

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