Video of State Rep. Mandela Barnes pushing journalist

By Chris Johnson and Robert Miranda of KINGFISHmke

November 16, 2015

Ed. Note: Rep. Barnes was invited to express his view for PeaceOfMind, but declined.

Update 11/19/15: Click on link below to watch a second video of Rep. Mandela Barnes shoving a Madison journalist for asking about his vote to give New York billionaire Bucks owners $250 million of taxpayers dollars after the state legislature cut funding for public education.

The video appears to be taken from a security camera across the street from where the assault occurs. There is no audio.

It shows Rep. Barnes coming out of the entrance of a building after journalist, Miles Kristan, passes while walking by that entrance on the sidewalk. Barnes approaches Kristan from behind and gets in the face of Kristan and begins backing Kristan up and then Barnes shoves Kristan backwards.

Watch video here:

In this video published today on YouTube, blogger Miles Kristan of Yellow Rose Radio asks Rep. Mandela Barnes, “If Wisconsin taxpayers should pay for a Bucks arena?”

Barnes shrugs his shoulders and responds, “You want to ask me in a different setting?”

This goes back and forth a couple of times, at which point Kristan asked, “Well, you did vote for it, right?” in reference to the $250 million dollar Bucks arena financing package from the state of Wisconsin.

Barnes replied, “Actually, you do not know what you are talking about.”

“You did vote for it?” Kristan pressed Barnes, who, looking strikingly perturbed, responds, “I voted for it, yes I did vote for it. Thank you very much!”

When Kristan asked Barnes if he believed it was OK to take tens of millions of dollars out of the education system and then, one month later, give hundreds of millions of dollars to a private entity, Barnes did not respond. He gestured goodbye to his colleague Rep. David Bowen, who did not vote to give the billionaire Bucks owners $250 million in taxpayer dollars for a new arena. The video then went dark.

The next scene is of a close-up of Barnes with audio detailing the events that followed after Barnes disappeared into a building entryway.

The video clearly shows that Barnes suddenly showed up behind Kristan and pushed him into a wall. Clearly the video does not show what took place to cause Barnes to abuse Miles Kristan. Still, it does show that an assault took place and that witnesses confirmed that Barnes physically shoved Kristan into a wall.

Barnes and the Bucks

Why would a political figure engage in physical aggression against anyone, not to mention a journalist asking a question? Why is Mandela Barnes so sensitive about his vote to give hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the Milwaukee Bucks New York billionaire owners?

It appears that Mandela was not so Mandela in this encounter.

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