Wednesday, March 7, 2018 11:45am to 12:45pm
Mitchell Street SSA Branch Office
(1710 S 7th St, Milwaukee, WI 53204)

The Social Security Administration is scheduled to close the Mitchell Street SSA Branch Office on March 22nd. There have been no public meetings or outreach conducted to allow members of the community to weigh in on how this would impact them. SSA is making a unilateral decision that will have grave impacts on one of Milwaukee’s largest Hispanic communities, forcing them to go to offices that are difficult or impossible for them to get to. Field Offices are already facing issues of overcrowding and closing a critical office on Milwaukee’s south side will exacerbate the problem.

We must make SSA listen to the community. Please attend this rally to keep our SSA office open!

To RSVP, please contact Jessica LaPointe at jmakes@yahoo.com or 608–239–3281

We have been hearing from agencies and individuals about how to help. If you or your agency is interested in expressing your opinion on the impact the closing of the SSA office will have on your clients/residents on the Southside you can write to the following individuals at the SSA. If you write to the two SSA contacts below please send me a copy of your letter as they can be useful as Congresswoman Moore continues her efforts with the SSA to maintain a field office on the Southside.

Mr. Doug M. Nguyen, Regional Communications Director
Regional Public Affairs Office
Social Security Administration
600 W. Madison Street, 10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60661–2406

Mr. Chris Churchill, Area Director
Northern Illinois – Southern Wisconsin
Social Security Administration
2810 Crossroads Drive, Suite 3200
Madison, WI 53718

Thank you,

Kristin Sippel
Constituent Liaison/Outreach Specialist
Congresswoman Gwen S. Moore (WI-04)
316 N. Milwaukee Street, Suite 406
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Telephone: (414) 297–1140
Fax: (414) 297–1086

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