Rev. Jesse Jackson and other prominent civil rights national and local leaders will join The National Commission for Voter Justice (NCVJ) for the Wisconsin Regional Hearing, which will be held online and in-person, on Saturday, July 21th from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM CDT. The National Commission for Voter Justice, launched in January 2018, is devoted to researching and documenting voter challenges and opportunities in the United States while promoting robust electoral reform and civic engagement.  To date the NCVJ has held 6 major field hearings, 4 covering the states of Michigan, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Southern California and one focused on the Youth Vote.  As Wisconsin represents one of the nation’s most high profiled battleground states, the National Commission for Voter Justice has prioritized hearing from election officials, voting rights organizations and voters about special issues confronting voters, resources and needed reforms.  A robust Planning Committee of prominent local Wisconsin leaders and organizations has assisted in the planning of this event. Testimony will be presented by witnesses covering issues of voting barriers for returning citizens/formerly incarcerated, voting access for language minorities, homeless, people with disabilities, and much more.  In addition, there will be public testimony sessions during the Hearing where voters can tell their personal stories and experiences in exercising the franchise in Wisconsin.  

What: National Commission for Voter Justice Wisconsin, Milwaukee Hearing.  

When: Saturday, July 21, 2018, 1:00–4:00 PM

Best time for photos is at beginning of hearing and throughout the hearing. 

Where: This event will be held at the Milwaukee Bar Association, 424 E Wells St, Milwaukee, WI.

Who: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., President, Rainbow PUSH Coalition (pending); Barbara R. Arnwine, President, Transformative Justice Coalition, Co-Chair NCVJ; Fred Kessler – Former Judge & Representative, Ashanti Hamilton – Alderman Council President District One, Fred Royal – Local NAACP President, John Nichols – Renowned Author “The Nation” and more.

Why: Nationwide, electoral problems, practices, obstacles and voter suppression have barred and discouraged millions of African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, women, student, low-income and people with disabilities voters from effectively participating in the US political process.  This issue is of particular concern as the 2018 Mid-Term Elections and change at the Supreme Court is pending.  Wisconsin voters are critical to the goal of a robust Democracy.  

Other Information: There is NO CHARGE TO ATTEND the event! This event will be livestreamed online via the National Commission for Voter Justice’s Facebook page at

The NCVJ is calling all students, senior citizens, community organizations, churches, & others to participate if you or others you know had problems voting last election. We want to hear from you! Have you or anyone you know experienced voter suppression, voter intimidation, or voter disenfranchisement in any form? Add your voice to this historic event for panels covering issues such as: returning citizen population voting barriers; disability access; state and county elections administration; environmental justice; homeless peoples’ barriers to voting; language access; voting barriers for the LGBTQIA community; special voting barriers faced by women, Asian-American people, and African immigrants; youth/pre-registration; Automated Voter Registration (AVR); and, more! The hearing will focus on Wisconsin’s specific issues concerning voting.  Anyone who wants to testify can testify. The NCVJ invites anyone from Wisconsin to come and share your experiences about voting in Wisconsin, and hear from students, community organizations, and on-the-ground organizers.

Overview of Listening Session
11:00 set up
12:15 Commissioners and Witnesses Gather in “Green Room”
12:30 public began gathering in Session hall
12:45–1:20 Welcome, Overview + Commissioners Opening Statements
1:20–2:20 Panel One
2:20–2:25 Break
2:25–3:30 Witness Panel Two
3:30– 4:00 Testimony from Community
4:00 p.m. Wrap Up by Commission

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