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Dear WISDOM Leaders and Friends:

There are two opportunities in the very near future to let your voice be heard on matters of great concern to the Restore Our Communities (ROC Wisconsin) campaign for criminal justice reform.

1. The Department of Corrections is accepting comments on potential changes to the Administrative Rules that affect “inmate classification, sentence, and release provisions”. We are asking the Department to make two very specific changes: One is to make it a priority for parole-eligible people in prison to be placed in assignments that will help them to complete the requirements for their release. The other is for the DOC to identify and assist people who are eligible for “compassionate release” to get through that process.
We have until November 1 to send in comments.
The address to send those comments is

To download a sample comment to send

  • regarding Parole-Eligible People, click HERE.
  • To download a sample comment regarding Compassionate Release, click HERE

2. There is a bill working its way through the legislature right now that is about building a new prison in Green Bay. Essentially, the bill calls for the state to sell the current prison (and its very valuable land on the Fox River) to the Village of Allouez. If needed, they would rent it back until a new prison is completed. In the meantime, the state would contract with a private firm to build a new prison on some less-valuable farmland. When it is done, the state would lease the prison from the builder.

We are not opposed to closing the Green Bay prison. We need to be clear, however, that we do not need to build a new prison.

Through common sense reforms (e.g. ending Crimeless Revocations, fixing the Parole system, increasing TAD funding), we can reduce the prison population enough so we will have no need for a replacement prison.
To download WISDOM’s position paper on this, click HERE.

Right now, the bill is before the Senate Committee on Government Operations, Technology and Consumer Protection. You can send comments to the Chair and the other Senators on the Committee:

Thank you.

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