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In My Mind’s Eye: January 20, 2012

Racism in America

by Robert Miranda

There are those who may believe that talking about race in American politics causes many Americans to feel uncomfortable and awkward. Well, during the GOP presidential debates this past week, the candidates looked in tip-top form espousing their racist undertones aimed against President Obama and African-Americans receiving food stamps.

Whoa nelly! You can even say that all of the GOP presidential candidates looked very comfortable spewing their subliminal racist message. Romney with his anti-immigrant slams and Gingrich with his food stamp references. Yes, these good ol’ boys were at the top of their racist mantra campaign—and much to the amusement of their audience, too.

You can detect this racist tone in the level of disrespect for the president.

Between Gingrich making an inaccurate and divisive statement that African-Americans should “not be satisfied with food stamps,” and Rick Santorum’s remark in which he appeared to single out African-Americans as recipients of federal aid, one has to wonder if Ron Paul would be the choice for the GOP.

What!? Oh! He did? Ron Paul wrote racist things for a newsletter and opposed establishing Martin Luther King Day as a federal holiday? Hmmm… So now we know. The GOP is crammed with the neo-Klansmen in suits rather than sheets with the eyes cut out who now are running to be president of the United States.

Only in America would a nitwit with serious anti-social issues use food stamps as a way to gain political points. Food stamps are a lifeline for many Americans and contribute significantly to our economy by helping farmers stay in business, helping the grocery industry keep people employed, and most importantly, food stamps help to keep poor people fed and prevent malnourished children from roaming our streets looking for food.

Gingrich shows contempt for people in poverty

For Gingrich to denigrate food stamps is to not understand that tens of millions of Americans in this country living in poverty need them to survive. Gingrich is clearly showing what a real jackass he is. He is showing himself to be a man who cares nothing about the poor.

Newt Gingrich has called Barack Obama a Food Stamp President. Food Stamp President. Got it? Repeating the mantra Ronald Reagan coined when he went after the “Welfare Queens” of the 1980s. Most people do get what Gingrich was trying to say, especially Juan Williams, one of the debate moderators who pointed out to Gingrich that his comment was insulting to African-Americans.

There’s no point in arguing this if you still don’t get it. You either hear the racists’ code being used or you don’t. Someone talking about food stamps, bringing up food stamps, calling a president a Food Stamp President when no one else on the planet is talking about food stamps knows precisely what Gingrich was trying to do. It’s about a cartoon showing people getting public assistance as lazy, not wanting to work, and as black. You talk about how low this campaign has gotten, well, it just went into the gutter, and Gingrich is the swamp thing making it even nastier.

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