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SSI Medicaid Managed Care Expansion - Milwaukee Information Meeting Schedule

The state of Wisconsin is currently expanding enrollment in HMOs for adult Medicaid members who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In the past, SSI members could choose to opt out from an SSI HMO after an initial 60-day trial period. Moving forward, many SSI participants will be required to enroll in an HMO.

Milwaukee Information Meetings
Letters are going out beginning this week to individuals in Milwaukee County residents who will be required to enroll in an SSI HMO. This is a major change and will impact approximately 12,000 Milwaukee County adults who have a disability. We encourage you to stay informed and help to support individuals who are impacted by this change.

Information meetings are being scheduled for April 11th and 12th at two Milwaukee locations.

  • You may want to discuss it with individuals you know and whom your agency serves who may be impacted, and encourage them to watch for the mailings and attend the information meetings.
  • There will also be some remote locations via livestream on April 12th. There is a strong interest in having agencies who are have specific linguistic and cultural proficiency. If you would like to find out about serving as a remote location, contact Craig Steele, DHS Project Manager at Phone: (608)266–7024,

How to get additional information:

  • Attend an Information Meeting in Milwaukee on April 11th or April 12th. SSI members, providers, case managers, advocates and others are encouraged to attend and learn about this major change.
  • The Information Meetings will include speakers from the Department of Health Services; from the Enrollment Services Center; and from Disability Rights Wisconsin, the External Advocates for SSI Medicaid Managed Care. The SSI HMOs will have information tables and be available to answer questions.
  • Check out the DHS website for more information: It includes specifics on who is and is not required to enroll in an HMO. For example, individuals enrolled in Family Care, Partnership or IRIS cannot enroll in an SSI HMO.
  • To receive email updates about the expansion, go to the DHS web page for “HMO Enrollment Changes for Medicaid Supplemental Security Income Members” and join the email list:

Advocacy Assistance

  • Individuals who would like to receive advocacy assistance with SSI Medicaid Managed Care may contact Disability Rights Wisconsin at 800–708–3034 or 414–773–4646. This could include questions related to continuity of care, lack of notice, or other concerns.

Special Concerns:

  • Individuals who have a Social Security representative payee may not receive the notice and enrollment packet, as these materials seem to be sent to the representative payee and not the beneficiary.
  • Members have approximately six weeks to select an HMO. If they do not make a selection they will be assigned an HMO. They then will have 90 days to make a change and to request continuity of care if their providers are not in network.

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