Scott Walker’s Endorsement of Ted Cruz Serves Koch Brothers - Helps Position Paul Ryan for Presidential Run

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

April 5, 2016

Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz has to be feeling pretty good about his campaign these days.

He got the endorsement of Koch Brothers front man, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and he’s threatening Donald Trump’s attempt to become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

Also feeling pretty good about things have to be the Koch Brothers, who initially suffered a set back after their boy Scott Walker was defeated in his attempt to win the White House, but now suddenly find themselves back in the drivers seat after Scott Walker was able to seal the deal with Cruz.

But the Koch Brothers aren’t taking any chances this time around, they’re not about to let Trump win if Cruz doesn’t come through. The Koch Brothers have taken out an insurance plan to win the White House this time.

That insurance plan comes in the form of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Wisconsin Republican the Koch Brothers recently recruited to step in if Trump is able to beat Cruz.

The Koch oligarchs are manipulating the puppet strings of the Wisconsin Republican Party in order to defeat Donald Trump, their biggest threat preventing them from having control of the White House.

There are a few articles alleging that the Koch oligarch network “is quite confident” that the party establishment will be able to thwart the will of conservative voters and hand the nomination to their chosen champion, House Speaker Paul Ryan.”

This is the Koch Brothers insurance plan if Cruz is unable to pull through.

Ryan’s rise will take place at the national Republican Convention. Walker’s deal with Ted Cruz erases any concern the Koch Brothers may have with Cruz’s obnoxiously smug self-righteousness. For the Koch Brothers, defeating Donald Trump is top priority.

For the Koch Brothers, Cruz will be the most likely candidate who will support efforts to protect oligarch off-shore banks and shell companies from government accountability and taxes. But in case Cruz doesn’t make it, plan B will be Congressman Paul Ryan, who will be paraded onto the GOP convention floor as the alternate choice if Trump prevails during the GOP primaries.

For the Koch Brothers, having control of the White House protects their wealth and ensures pushing for tax laws that will further their efforts to avoid paying taxes legally.

The Wisconsin Republican Party establishment has proven to be nothing but a shill political party for the Koch oligarchs. Wisconsin Republicans under Walker’s control have no interest in playing by the rules in order to win the White House for the Koch Brothers.

If Cruz isn’t able to pull off a delegate victory over Trump, Charles Koch feels certain that his boy, Speaker Paul Ryan can sway the Republican National Convention to make him the party’s nominee if Donald Trump fails to win enough delegates.

No matter what the outcome is, what is certain is the fact that the Koch Brothers have much to gain if they control the White House.

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