Senator Chris Larson: A stepping stone for the oligarchs

By Chris Johnson, Editor

Milwaukee’s corporate democratic networks are cheering on the idea that State Senator Chris Larson is looking to challenge oligarch Chris Abele for county executive of Milwaukee County.

Jumping on the Larson for county executive band wagon are the usual blind mice progressive and liberal networks, who for the last forty years have been led by the nose to support corporate democrat centrist goombahs that have been part of the reason why Wisconsin lost its blue state status.

When Larson announces his candidacy he’ll shoot to the top of the polls by embracing real progressive economics and attacking the failed politics of austerity that Abele has embraced.

Larson won’t win the county executive position. That’s because for all intents and purposes Larson has not stuck to core progressive values. Further, Larson has baggage that Abele’s conservative networks will exploit, ranging from a larceny charge and a political action committee controversy involving $11,000, which his PAC “forgot” to report, as well as blocking real progressive candidates from winning campaigns in other parts of Wisconsin.

A perfect example of blocking real progressive candidates from winning is exhibited back in 2014 in the 17th state Senate District primary when Larson backed former Gov. Doyle staffer Pat Bomhack over long-time proven progressive Ernie Wittwer, move that ultimately split the Democratic Caucus. Bomhack had been questioned about meeting residency requirements because he had a P.O. Box and had been renting a room in the district, but most notably, he had served as a law clerk for a very conservative Republican judge. Read more about it here.

Larson is no Bernie Sanders by any stretch. He’s not looking to put right-wing austerity out to pasture nor is he going to curtail corporate welfare.

Larson will continue the ideology that, in order to make an economy work, government should put the interests of the rich before the interests of working people. He proved that notion with his recent Milwaukee Bucks vote. Larson is part of a shadowy network of political centrists that has operated under the radar even as they gave the banksters control over our economy, allowed social programs to be cut, placing the poor in more desperate situations and the working poor deeper in debt.

Abele took control of Milwaukee County government and finished off what Scott Walker had started, which is what normally happens when extremist ideologies from right and left are adopted and made into a new centrist ideology to be sold to extreme right-wing and left-wing networks for acceptance.

Larson represents that “new” centrist politics, which is being sold as a “Third Way” between the left and the right, and for the past few years, the people bought it, electing Chris Abele, Nikiya Harris Dodd and Tom Barrett.

Recently, State Senator Harris Dodd (D-Milwaukee) had a fundraiser that was sponsored by telecommunications corporate giant and Nation Consulting client Time Warner Cable. Also listed as sponsors were Northwestern Mutual and Nation Consulting senior partner Thad Nation. On the invitation as “Supporter” was former Milwaukee County Sheriff candidate and former President George W. Bush supporting Nation Consulting candidate Chris Moews. See invitation here.

The team at Nation Consulting has played a large part of developing this centrist political ideology that took core right-wing beliefs, flipped social conservatism for moderate social liberalism, and sold the whole package to Milwaukee’s political opportunist networks who saw the personal benefits of this new kind of “centrist” politics.

In reality, what Milwaukee voters have been supporting over the past two to three decades is the same old right-wing corporatism under the cover of “centrist moderation” politics.

The centrists - who are really just corporatists - are looking to maintain their control of the Democratic Party. But the recent defeat of centrist Democratic Party of Wisconsin chairperson candidate, Jason Rae, clearly indicates that Democrats are getting sick and tired of corporatists running the show.

The electorate wants real progressivism and real change. Senator Chris Larson is neither and will only be another stepping stone for the oligarchs.

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