Shortage of Medical Staff Plagues Milwaukee Jails

Mental Health Task Force Update

At the October Mental Health Task Force, we had an update on the concerns about access to medical and mental health care at the Milwaukee County Jail, including the deaths that have occurred at the Jail in recent months, Another death occurred last week. In our discussion, We agreed to have a small work group from the Task Force to discuss strategy and how the Task Force can help to advance improvements and elevate the concerns. We will be reporting back to the full Task Force – if you have suggestions for the work group, please forward to me and I will share with the group.

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a front page story on “Shortage of Medical Staff Plagues Milwaukee Jails.”

The story includes a link to the May report from Dr. Ronald Schansky, who monitors overcrowding and medical services at the jail and House of Corrections as part of a 2001 settlement of a class action suit against Milwaukee County. Here is the link so you can review the report: Many of the concerns raised relate to inadequate staffing.

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