Sign the Faithful Citizenship Statement!

We want everyone to make one more big push to get people to add their names to the “Faithful Citizenship” statement. They can do it very easily by following this link: Sign the Faithful Citizenship Statement.

In the next 10 days or so, we will publically send the Statement and the list of signers to candidates. So, it is not too late to ask people to add their names!

The Statement is also being used in candidate forums across the state. Make sure your voice is included in the call to address poverty in specific, meaningful ways. You can use the Statement in your own conversations about election issues and candidates.

WISDOM and our partners have held Poverty Summits across the state. Here are a few of the news stories generated by the most recent Poverty Summits:

Appleton Post Crescent (October 5, 2014) Faith Community Leaders fight Against Poverty

Stevens Point Journal (October 2, 2013) Forum Focuses on How to Serve Poor Better

About Eau Claire’s event:

As we declare in the Statement, “In this election year, we encourage all people of faith to make poverty a priority issue when they vote. We encourage faith communities to question those who would lead us about their plans to provide real, concrete help and opportunity for the poor – especially the children. We cannot consider only our own narrow self-interest when we engage in politics or business. Every decision must be evaluated according to the effect it will have on those in poverty, today and in the future.”

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