Sign Up to Receive Email Notices for the SSI Medicaid Managed Care Expansion

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Sign Up to Receive Email Notices for the SSI Managed Care Expansion

Thanks to Nick Di Meo, Southeast Wisconsin Medicaid Policy Advisor, for the information on how you can sign up to receive email notices related to the SSI Medicaid managed care expansion, including updates to the webpage such as the town hall schedule. Scroll down for information about the DHS website and how to sign up for email notices.

Background on SSI Managed Care Expansion
At the November meeting of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force, we had an update on some Medicaid changes that are occurring in 2018. Medicaid Managed Care (HMOs) will be expanding in Wisconsin to include those receiving Medicaid SSI or SSI related Medicaid because of a disability. This will include 28,000 people statewide including 12,000 Milwaukee adults with disabilities, including mental illness, who are currently in fee for service Medicaid and will be transitioning to an HMO in 2018. Note: this change does not include individuals enrolled in long term care (Family Care, IRIS, Partnership).

This change will be occurring in Milwaukee within the first half of 2018. Milwaukee town halls are currently being scheduled – we will share town hall information as it becomes available.

  • The DHS Powerpoint and Forward Health memo are posted on the Mental Health Task Force web site at:

  • Members enrolled in county provided mental health programs including Community Support Program (CSP), Comprehensive Community Services (CCS), or Community Recovery Services (CRS) will not change. These benefits will remain a Fee for Service (FFS) carve out. Members will be enrolled in managed care for the rest of their health care and behavioral health services.

Who is Eligible for SSI Managed Care? To be eligible for SSI Managed Care, the person must:
  • Be age 19 or older.
  • Be receiving Medicaid SSI or SSI-related Medicaid because of a disability.
  • Not be living in an institution or a nursing home.
  • Not be participating in a home and community-based waivers program (Community Integration Program, Community Options Program, IRIS, brain injury).
  • Not be enrolled in a long-term care program (Family Care, PACE, or Partnership).
  • Enroll voluntarily due to the following circumstances:
    Only one SSI HMO serves the county the person lives in.
    The person is dual eligible (that is, Medicaid and Medicare).
    The person is enrolled in a Medicaid Purchase Plan (MAPP).

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