Silver lining on 4th Street closure plans

City officials have said they have the vote to close off 4th St. to meet one more Bucks demand. Even though the Plan Commission approved it, two plan commissioners rejected the proposal including former JS architecture critic Whitney Gould.

“Gould raised questions about whether the block should be closed to traffic only during Bucks games and other arena events, while otherwise keeping the street open.

She and Najera also asked whether the public could hold rallies or political protests on the plaza.”

At least some city officials now recognize that you cannot grant total control over a space to a for-profit entity and pretend it’s a “public” plaza. Citizen squawking has at least been heard a wee bit.

There’s a good chance a closed-street pedestrian mall will usually be a dead zone, further shred Westown’s grid and hurt development on 4th north of Juneau. But, with more citizen pressure perhaps it could possibly be a real public space.

So it’s worth telling your Common Council rep that public plazas must serve the people, not a sports/entertainment monopoly.

Also there will be a public hearing before April 1st on this.

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