Single, Learning and Free

By Snookie

When a doctor puts you on one hundred pills a day at 17 years of age, 50 in the AM and 50 in the PM, you feel you are being manipulated by the system. Your rights have been stripped from you, and the staff, Kindergarten cop, tells you what to eat and when to go to bed. That was the end of freedom as I knew it.

So, that’s the way it was for me, celebrating my 18th birthday on a psychiatric ward. A good teenager from a dysfunctional family unit, who had strong family ties.

Instead of graduating, I spent an entire extra year in high school with the same boring subjects. There was no prom night for me, even though Michael said “he would have asked me.” It was something of a disappointment.

Many years later, coupled with the wrong men, two daughters, and the doctor everyone knew, I was finally put on lithium. There were no side effects, tremors, rashes, constricted throat, vomiting, etc. How nice.

My brother, sisters, and I all live apart now, and my parents, who are divorced after a 20 year marriage, know this story. I, myself, am divorced after a ten-year marriage to the wrong man. An alcoholic and a drug addict is difficult to reason with when he won’t receive help. At present I am single, learning, and free, which is a pretty good ending to this experience in life.

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