Southridge bus stop - planned action next Wednesday Dec. 11, 2013

Fellow Advocates:

In order to keep attention focused on Southridge’s decision to move the bus stop and to keep the threat of a mall boycott in the air, we are hoping you’ll be able to join Supervisor Pat Jursik along with the Milwaukee County Governing Bd. of the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC), the Commission on Aging, and the Commission for Disabled Persons next Wednesday, Dec. 11th for a press conference and bus trip to Southridge Mall. We’ll hold the press conference at the Kelly Senior Center (6100 S. Lake Drive in Cudahy) at 11:00 am and will board the Rt. 55 bus to the mall, where we will exit at the new stop and cross the lot to the mall entrance. While Southridge won’t allow the press on their property, we’re hoping that some of us can document the walk with our own cameras.

This will only work if we have people at the press conference and on the bus! Please invite your friends and constituents. In order to ensure that we have enough room on the bus, please take a count within your groups and send an estimate to Don Natzke re: the number of people who plan to ride the bus, including the number of wheelchairs to expect, so that he can coordinate with the Transit Company. Send this estimate to Don no later than Monday, Dec. 9th.

Please help spread the word! Let’s keep the pressure on Simon Property Group to do the right thing!

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