Southridge Mall Update

County Supervisor Pat Jursik asked me to send the following Southridge Mall update to you. Please see below:

This morning the Southridge Mall manager, Mary Mokwa, attended our Transportation and Public Works meeting. Ms. Mokwa stated that she was willing to work on a compromise.

As a result, my resolution which provides for an ordinance that requires bus service for public parking lots (defined as such by county ordinance) to allow boarding and discharging passengers without interference (disorderly conduct citation issues) has been put on a “lay over” motion to allow the discussions to take place.

I expect to see some significant progress within 30 days or we recall the ordinance and move forward. Please stay supportive and stay tuned!

Thanks Pat Jursik

Jon P. Janowski
Program and Policy Coordinator
Milwaukee County Department on Aging
1220 W. Vliet St. - #300
Milwaukee, WI 53205
414–289–6546 (office)
414–651–3525 (cell)

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