Special screening of Selma for Faith Communities

By WISDOM - Linking Communities across Wisconsin to Work for Justice

Chandra Thomas, whose husband is on the ministerial staff at MICAH member congregation, St. Mark AME Church, is coordinating with the AMC Mayfair Theaters for a multicultural group viewing of the movie Selma with a post-movie discussion.

Sunday afternoon, January 11
2 pm, AMC Mayfair Theaters
Ticket cost: $9.50

If you are interested, please contact Richard Schwalb at richard.schwalb@thomsonreuters.com or 414–406–7296 to reserve a ticket.

From Chandra:

We want to go across denominational lines, color lines, religious lines, gender lines and any other aspect that we are often defined by. If you know of others who might want to view this movie in our group, we have 100 tickets that we need to sell to reserve a theater there and remain in the auditorium to have an engaging and hopefully productive discussion about where we can go from where we are today with relation to all of the many issues in the movie and our society today. We would like people from all different backgrounds, and faiths, so no one is excluded.

Please RSVP as soon as possible so that we know how many tickets we can commit to use.

Please note the movie will conflict with part of the Green Bay Packer playoff game this Sunday.

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