State Transportation Budget Action Alert

We still don’t have a Wisconsin state transportation budget!


1. Calls: Now more than ever it’s time to contact your elected officials. Find your Assembly Representative and Senator here. Script: Hi, my name is ____ and I’m a constituent from [hometown]. I’m calling because I want to encourage the Representative/Senator to focus on meeting important local needs in the transportation budget. Please cut spending on highway mega-projects and invest in local needs like repairing existing roads and funding public transit that connects people to jobs and the places they want to go. I also want to make sure that public transit stays in the segregated transportation fund. Thank you!

2. Photo Petitions: Take a photo with a message of why you support public transit. We’ll post it on social media as part of a state-wide campaign to keep transit in the public eye. Send us ( your photo, and then email it also to your elected officials… or tag them on Twitter and Facebook! Contact the WISDOM office for details.

3. Write a letter-to-the-editor with your thoughts. Elected officials read them!

4. Join WISDOM’s Transit Task Force. Contact Dawn at

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