Statement of the NAACP Milwaukee Branch Regarding the Seventh Circuit Decision on Voter ID

September 12, 2014

Today, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Judge Lynn Adelman’s decision and lifted the injunction on implementation of the State’s Voter ID law. This means that the law can be put into effect immediately and will apply to the November General Election.

NAACP still believes it is a bad law and a discriminatory law and has the potential to disenfranchise many individuals who otherwise would be voters. We will continue to represent disenfranchised persons and advocate for their voting rights. This may include assisting them to get identification, filing administrative appeals where appropriate or possibly pursuing other litigation.

Most importantly, all must register and vote in the November election. Every effort must be made to over-come hurdles to get the required identification in a timely manner in order to vote in the November election.

James H. Hall, Jr., President
MAACP Milwaukee Branch


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