Stupid to Be, or Not to Be, How stupid can one get??!!!

By George Sanders, artist, activist

How stupid is it now to doddle around with stupid solutions (curfew; gun buyback) about stopping gun violence without first being up front and honest about the causes?

James Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial writer and columnist, in his June 18, 2014, column, asked former radio talk show host, Earl Ingram, “… why black elected officials are so quiet on guns?” Ingram responds by asking where the aldermen, county supervisors, state representatives, and Gov. Scott Walker were on the issue. Where is Congresswoman Gwen Moore on this issue?”

This was stupid! The answer is: They are NO WHERE! They ALL were exactly where Ingram was on the same issue when he was a WMCS talk-show host, where he mumbled not a word about the core issue.

And, Ingram received personal “lessons” on how to be a tough, respected talk show host from Milwaukee’s ONLY ever real Kick-Ass Black radio talk-show host, Richard S. Carter!

People do have memories!

Now Causey proposes a curfew. Heck, it might work! Yet, it is Stupid!!

More Stupid was for Causey to even allow that (Milwaukee) mayor to say that he is “…sick and tired of jobs and poverty being used as an excuse… and tired of those who criticize any new idea that can help curb crime when they don’t have any viable solutions,” which remains an inexcusable crimp in (Causey’s) stuff. Then, (Mayor Tom) Barrett announces that he would start a hotline to get illegal guns off the street. Another stupid idea!

HEY!! What about the letter some time ago from Milwaukee NAACP president James Hall, Jr., documenting the value of disparity studies that the mayor did not bother to answer! WHY?

This does not include UWM professor Marc Levine’s yearly beat-up valid proof and documentation on Black male joblessness, its causes, plus, plus…

It is Stupid to allow the City of Milwaukee to take its mind off of poverty --- however, the corrupt city makes a mint off of poverty!

Stupid, yet that is the name of the tune, and the game being played on Black people!

Milwaukee’s record of black joblessness, segregation and incarceration is not new, and it’s stupid for both Ingram, the mayor, and even Causey to consider not considering what has been and still is the real cause.

It is Stupid that it should take mere guts to identify Barrett, (Rocky) Marcoux (Commissioner, Dept. of City Development), a few dirty developers who have their paws in the city treasury, and of course, Black aldermen. Are they worried about their jobs? 

And even newly elected alderfolks are now checking out how to blend in?  Talk about Stupid…and blaming it all on whitefolk. Stupid, too.


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Last edited by Tyler Schuster.   Page last modified on August 05, 2014

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