Supreme Court Chief Justice Upholds Justice June 28, 2012

By Patricia Obletz, Editor

‘’Editor’s note: April 2, 2014, SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts’ true nature showed up with the wide door flung open to the plutocrats with the McCutcheon decision that delivered a heartbreaking blow to democracy. But, keep in mind that the 2012 presidential election gave the boot to big money. Let’s make sure that big money loses again this November. Vote.

You know that people in general around the world are divided into two groups: those who practice The Golden Rule and those who do not, those who respect the rights of others, and those who do not. Perhaps US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts preferred to do the right thing for posterity rather than to gratify his party’s leaders. The man is sane. One of the few among the GOP/Blue Dog Democrats, and oh boy, do we need sanity to continue to preside over America.

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