Take the Bus to Madison for the Budget Address

Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Gov. Walker has announced that he is saying no to $12 billion in federal funding to expand BadgerCare to an additional 210,000 Wisconsinites and create 10,000 jobs. This is a slap in the face to those who need care, need jobs, and need security. His only excuse for saying no is to appease a right-wing ideology backed by his donors. All he had to do is say YES to BadgerCare.

On Feb. 20, Walker will deliver his budget address to the legislature. We will bring a large delegation of those who are affected by this decision as well as supporters to Madison to let Gov. Walker know what we think of his decision to refuse these funds and sentence hundreds of thousands of people to life without healthcare and tell him: Walker, It’s Not Over! After the press event, small groups will break off to do lobby visits to members of the Joint Finance Committee.

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Wednesday, Feb 20th
Bus Leaves at 12:45pm and will leave Madison by 6pm
Leaves from office of Wisconsin Jobs Now: 260 E Highland, Milwaukee WI

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Kevin Kane
Healthcare Organizer
Citizen Action of Wisconsin

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