Talking Points: End Outsourcing Now!

Outsourcing is Economic Treason Against Wisconsin Workers

Framing Statement:
The economy thrives when working families earn enough money to afford the basics, and can buy goods and services in their local communities. With shrinking supply of family supporting jobs in Wisconsin, our state and federal governments ought to be focused on creating an economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one.

Shamefully, elected leaders who are supposed to work for us often aide and abet corporate outsourcers, helping them rig the economy against average people.

Too many Members of Congress vote for trade deals which make it easier for multinational corporations to ship more of our good jobs overseas.

In Wisconsin Scott Walker and his allies in the legislature give huge subsidies and tax giveaways to unpatriotic CEOs engaged in outsourcing our jobs. We need to end the political establishment’s economic treason against Wisconsin workers.

Key Facts about the Economic Treason Against Working People:

  • Bad trade deals are rigging the economy against Wisconsin workers. According to the Economic Policy Institute trade deals have cost American workers over 5 million jobs since 1997. Wisconsin has lost at least 158,000 manufacturing jobs, over 68,000 to China alone.

  • Despite public outcry Walker’s Wisconsin Economics Development Corporation (WEDC) still insists on giving public money to companies engaged in outsourcing, even when they outsource more jobs than they create. WEDC has defended the practice, claiming that outsourcing is good for the economy.

  • Governor Walker’s giant ˝ billion dollar corporate tax break known as the “Manufacturer’s Tax Credit” which is supposed to create jobs goes to companies that outsource jobs, even when no jobs are added in Wisconsin.

  • A Wisconsin bill by progressive democrats to deny public money to for 5 years to companies engaged in outsourcing did not even get a hearing this legislative session.

  • Washington politicians recently negotiated a new trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Multinational corporations eager to outsource jobs had insider access to the talks while workers and consumers were frozen out. If ratified it will accelerate outsourcing.

  • Local government also fund in outsourcing. Cities and counties collectively spend billions each year on economic “bribes” to try and convince companies to move or to stay. This is an extortion racket, not job creation. Over $80 billion is spent each year by state and local governments to shuffle jobs from one place to another, undermining support for the investments that generate real economic prosperity.

Join our call to end this rigging of the economy today and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest campaign developments to stop outsourcing now in Wisconsin!

Kevin Kane, Organizing Director: Citizen Action of Wisconsin
(414) 550 8280 (cell)
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