Thank You for the Tears of Joy

by Jim Godsil

We were violently cast adrift

In the cold and briny deep, clutching
our ship’s detritus, gasping for air.

Barely conscious face down in the sand,
Freezing shivering, vomiting water,
Bodies bruised and swollen.

After what seemed a lifetime of misery
Some rays of sun began to dry our
Clothes and bodies—we slowly awakened.

Able to open our eyes and hold our heads up,
Eventually pushed ourselves from the sand,
Knelt, crawled, and finally stood—wobbling.

We began a halting walk
Away from the sea, across the sand,
Toward higher drier land—hungry.

Past the dunes we climbed small bluffs
And spied a modest house
Set in a yard with a once painted picket fence.

The gate had no latch,
We walked past toward the porch,
Knocked on the door—no one was there.

The door knob turned,
We opened the door
And slowly walked in.

It was a lightly furnished house,
Rather recently occupied,
With some food on a kitchen table.

We gathered at that table
By windows where the warming sun
Welcomed us to sit and eat.

We looked at each other.
Smiled, then laughed,
And wept for joy.

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