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The Donkey Prince

By Jean-Paul Villardot

November 20, 2016

Perhaps no presidential election has engendered such revulsion and bitterness among the majority of the American public. Prince Donkey often said the election was “Rigged.” He was right - he managed to cap the Electoral College - but lost the national vote by nearly three million ballots.

He “Rigged” the tally by appealing to voters who delight in self-indulged Hate, and in many cases, to those who revel in racist contempt.

Here is how it happened - and what must follow:

Once upon a time in the great City of New York lived a very spoiled “rich kid” named Donkey. While just in his 20s, Donkey was given a start with several million dollars from his wealthy father. Over the following decades, by taking harsh advantage of poor workers and brokering many “deals,” Donkey became a billionaire, several times over - according to him.

Donkey always liked attractive women - especially the sexy glamorous type - and so he had many affairs and eventually married three times. But we can forget the meaning of marriage - Donkey’s aggressive, seductive manner never changed with regard to women. As a self-identified “star” he liked to brag about grabbing a woman by her most intimate anatomy - and many women have complained. But Donkey-the-Creep simply says “there is no proof - they are all liars.” Yeah, Right - we know the drill, Sir Donkey-Creep. Watch the film.

One day, Sir Donkey decided to expose himself in public by running for the office of USA President. On what grounds? Why the easiest of all - stir up Hate among the people - especially the otherwise decent folks who carry cheap and petty grudges. They include the “hate-the-government” imbeciles and the “I’m stupid so I hate science” crowd, who also believe in every form of “Secret Conspiracy.” And foremost among Donkey’s supporters is the NRA - a gun-suckers club that loves to get off with assault weapons. And WOW - by golly - Donkey-Creep is their boy - “we’ll show the world how great we are.”

And like a show-time Mandarin, Donkey-Creep parades around with a runway consort. She has the audacity to initiate a campaign against “bullying.” We assume she knows plenty about bullying - it was the ultimate weapon Donkey Mandarin used to “rig” his election.

Some say - “anything is fair in love and war” - so “let’s give Donkey a chance.” Well - OK - provided he makes a distinct public apology for his specific actions and hateful statements during his campaign. If not, he merits the world-wide censure described below. He has already humiliated America. Somewhere Lincoln and Eisenhower are weeping. Here are some of the cruel points for which Donkey must account:

1. Mocked American generals and prisoners of war:
“Our generals are stupid. I don’t like soldiers who are captured.”

So tell us, Donkey-Creep, whence your superior military wisdom? And tell us: when soldiers are captured - will you disdain them? No? How do we know that? From what part of your creepy soul did you conceive your attitude towards captured Americans?

2. Mocked people with disabilities (including a NYT reporter). Donkey’s cruel
gestures told the truth of what is in his cheap, empty heart. We await a specific apology even though he and his wretched followers deny it ever happened. Watch the film.

3. Intimidated and threatened the press, mocking them during rallies, making many
reporters fearful of Donkey’s blood-eager supporters. Donkey-Creep must make a specific apology to the nation and the press. If he does not apologize before the inauguration, the press core must do this:

At Prince Donkey’s first news conference, the lead question from the press core must be: “Will you - right now - offer an apology to the nation and the press core for your threatening remarks against the press?” If he refuses, the entire press core must walk out on the spot.
4. Chastised a grieving family for the remembrance of their son, an American war hero who sacrificed his life to save the soldiers under his command. The problem for Donkey Creep was that the American hero was of a different color and creed than Donkey. Perhaps Sir Creep likewise believes we should dig up all of Arlington to remove the offending heroes? If a sincere apology does not follow, Donkey deserves ultimate contempt and relentless censure.

5. Threatened violence against his opponent for promoting gun safety. Donkey said; “The Second Amendment people will know how to deal with her.” Sir Creep fraudulently claimed his opponent wanted to abolish the Second Amendment, and therefore fired-up his blood hounds. He must make a full apology with an explanation as to - specifically - why he made such scurrilous remarks. We are waiting.

6. Made many public calls to “lock her up” for an unrelated issue that the FBI - twice - established no culpability. Donkey even said he will appoint a “special prosecutor” to put his opponent in jail. A cheap, phony charge at every point. So tell us, Baby Donk, now that your “rigged election” is over (your own words) - who is to be the special prosecutor? Otherwise, we await your specific explanation and apology. And, for reference - who locks up political opponents - ? Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin among others - the favorite heroes of the Donkey Prince. What class. By the way, Hitler once said during his rise to power - “Only I can fix it.” Right.

7. Intent to incite violence. Donkey loved to stoke his ignorant rallies with lines like “Bash him in the face.” Right on cue, the next day one of his stupid followers punched a young black protester “in the face.” Donkey was so proud. About 10 days before the “rigged” election, one of Donkey Creep’s supporters said on national news “If she wins we have to take her out by any means.” Baby Donk never refuted the remark. For his rancid neglect and inciting behavior, we demand an apology - with a specific explanation. Otherwise Donkey Prince deserves endless censure.

We can stop here for the moment. In sum, if Donkey Creep does not apologize for each of these cruel remarks and actions, he must receive continuous censure across the USA and the world at large. A simple placard should do for starts: A large placard of Donkey doing his favorite thing - groping women at their vitals, followed by his favorite quotes: “Bash him in the face” - “Grab her P****” - “Rigged Election” - “A woman should be punished” - “Don’t like captured Americans” - “Lock her up” - etc. etc. - endless Hate.

So we wonder - did some very good people simply make an egregious mistake? Or are many of Donkey’s followers just stupid - or mean - ? We hope for ‘mean’ - ‘stupid’ is much more dangerous. But we feel the danger. Watch Donkey’s tail for the truth.

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