The Fight to Protect Public Transit Funding

President Trump’s budget blueprint, released in mid-March, presented a devastating vision for the future of American public transportation. In response, our community sprang into action, flooding Congress with more than 21,000 messages to date about the need to protect public transit funding.

Your quick response was vitally important, and now our challenge is to keep the momentum going over what looks like it’s going to be a long, tough fight to keep federal public transportation funding viable. Visit our Action Center to send a letter to your members of Congress.

Public Transit Cuts By the Numbers

For a deeper look at the fight so far and what it’s all about, read and share “The Latest” from Voices for Public Transit…

Rethinking Transportation Networks — We’re breaking down the numbers of President Trump’s proposed transit cuts. Learn more about just how these cuts will affect jobs, economic development, and transit projects across the nation. Read More >>

Starting Off With a Bang — Voices for Public Transit advocates told Congress in no uncertain terms that public transportation needs to remain a priority for the federal government. How did we do it? Read More >>

The Economic Consequences of Proposed Transit Cuts — What is the real impact of President Trump’s proposed public transportation budget cuts? Public transportation projects of all sizes, all around the country, rely on a combination of federal, state, and local funding. The Trump budget puts at risk dozens of public transit projects at risk. Furthermore, this budget could be the first step towards eliminating federal funds for public transportation altogether. Read More>>

Safer Communities Brought to You by Public Transit — U.S. traffic fatalities have risen over the last two years. Expanding public transportation is a great solution to address this alarming trend. Read More>>

What if federal funding for public transportation disappeared altogether. How would that change your life — and how would it impact your community? We want to hear from you! Take Our 5-Minute Survey Now>>

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