The NRA convenes this weekend… and so do we

from Jeri Bonavia, Exec. Dir., WAVE, WI Anti-Violence Effort

This weekend in Dallas, the NRA will host its annual meeting. But this year when the gun industry gathers to celebrate itself, they will be met by scores of protestors ready to stand up for our right to live peacefully and safely. A new campaign called #NoRA will be there to remind convention attendees just what is at stake, by reading and tweeting the names of all children under age 18 who have been killed by guns this year. It will take 10 hours to complete.

Here in Milwaukee, we will be joining the family of Dontre Hamilton, who was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer in 2014, for Dontre Day at Red Arrow Park downtown.

The convergence of these two events highlights what we have long known: the NRA’s dangerous “guns everywhere” agenda puts us all at risk and disproportionately burdens children and people of color.

What: Dontre Day
When: Saturday, May 5, noon - 5 pm
Where: Red Arrow Park, 920 N. Water St., Milwaukee

Please join us at this family-friendly event designed to strengthen the community by coming together in dance, music, poetry, love, and respect. Help the Hamilton family in their quest to “turn this day of extreme grief to a day of social relief and advancement of all people within the City of Milwaukee.”

And while we’re at it, we’ll send a message to the NRA that we reject their extremist and dangerous agenda—we stand in support of all victims of gun violence.

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