The NRA will be in Milwaukee—YOU are needed to take a stand

For years, the NRA has been turning a profit by fomenting dissent with an “us-versus-them” message. But lately, their rhetoric has been truly over the top — it’s beginning to feel like inciting violence is their ultimate goal.

So it’s not surprising that the racist, white nationalist extremists who gathered in Virginia last weekend were heavily armed. Domestic terrorists seem to be the NRA’s target market these days.

According to the NRA, you can no longer merely be a gun owner, you must be “combat ready.” And just who do they believe their followers must be ready to battle? It appears it’s their fellow Americans.

What other conclusion can we draw when they urge their followers to fight the “violent left” to save their “freedom.” They are even promoting their upcoming Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee as an event to equip gun owners “with the products, skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to prepare and defend yourself when a threat arises?”

Their attempts to turn our streets into literal ideological battlegrounds are unacceptable. That’s why we’ll be standing in solidarity with so many others on Friday, August 25th to let the NRA know their vision is not welcome in Wisconsin.

>>Click here if you will stand with us.

While the NRA profiteers are inside the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee, encouraging a bunch of play soldiers to attend commando trainings (taught by members of “special ops”) and selling military-styled medic kits for basic hemorrhage control, and promoting the need to prepare for “imminent widespread disaster,” we’ll be gathered a few blocks away demonstrating that hate will never find a home here.

Join us on August 25th to send the message the NRA least wants to hear: We’ll walk hand in hand. We are not afraid. We shall live in peace.

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