The State Transportation Budget

Last month over 800 WISDOM members gathered in Madison to advocate for the things we care about, including public transit.

Since then, the Joint Finance Committee has scrapped the Governor’s proposed transportation budget and is starting from scratch to craft a new one.

Your voice is more important now than ever! Our partners in the Coalition for a More Responsible Budget have created a fun, interactive tool inviting you to put together your ideal transportation budget. It then reveals the budget from 2015 so you can compare it to the current budget.

Click here to take this survey and share your vision for our transportation system.

And, if you haven’t already signed the petition calling for a more responsible transportation budget, you can still do so: click here.

Public transportation is crucial to the quality of life for many people with disabilities, senior citizens, people with low incomes, and others. A community that values all its residents must have a robust transit system!

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