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PeaceOfMind: TheoryOnConsciousness

Theory on Consciousness

By Claire Heile

Claire Heile is an artist, musician and research microbiologist with a focus on the bioremediation of pollutants.

The concept of existence and reality can be exposed as a hologram created from the combined conscious energy exerted by both animate and inanimate entities. This energy constructs a cyclical latticework on which all perceivable dimensions are assembled. By breaching the confines of reality, the notion of space and time can be transformed.

The sense of a “self” is shed down to a pit of a “being.” The sense of a “reality” is deconstructed into a tangible mindscape that is both instantaneous and infinite. The sense of a “presence” is clinging to the confines of consciousness. Streams of consciousness flow through this mindscape like an ethereal soup. Slip into its currents and let it carry you downstream through a fractal of tributaries, cascading, ebbing and flowing. Explore the cities of consciousness built within the vastness of eternity; hold onto the energy of others and surf the tides in unison.

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