This Just In From DRW March 14, 2012

by Make It Work Milwaukee/Mental Health Task Force

Good morning! Early this morning, the Assembly passed SB-380/AB-477, the bills to lift the cap on Family Care. The bill passed 87–6. The Senate previously passed the bill with unanimous support, but will need to vote again since the Assembly had amended the bill, with the requirement for Active Review by Joint Finance. Contact your Senator to ask them to thank them for passing the bill last month and ask them to continue their support today - see contact information below.

Rep. Robin Vos was one of those who voted against the bill - as Co-chair of the Joint Committee on Finance he is in a position to influence the future of Family Care - see the Journal’s web site for coverage of the vote:

In other good news for people with disabilities from the Assembly, they passed the seclusion and restraint bill and the bill removing the “R” word - sometimes called the “People First” bill. Both passed on a voice vote

Milwaukee Area State Senators

District #/NamePhoneE-mail
#3 Tim Carpenter608–266–
#4 Lena Taylor608–266–
#5 Leah Vukmir R- Wauwatosa608–266–
#6 Spencer Coggs608–266–
#7 Chris Larson D-Milwaukee608–266–
#8 Alberta Darling608–266–
#9 Joseph Leibham608–266–
#20 Glenn Grothman608–266–
#28 Mary Lazich608–266–
#33 Rich Zipperer R-Pewaukee608–266–

If you do not know who your state legislators are, see “Who Are My Legislators?” at

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Milwaukee, WI 53214
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