Thousands eligible for parole trapped in Wisconsin prisons

We Are Making Strides

The WISDOM 11×15 Campaign, after months of inquiry, has finally learned that 2,887 of Wisconsin’s inmates have been in our prisons since before “Truth In Sentencing” was introduced to our state. All of these 2,887 prisoners have been in prison for more than thirteen years. Many have been there for fifteen, twenty, or more years and have done everything possible to comply with the conditions for their release, yet have encountered a system that makes their release impossible. The 2,887 were sentenced to prison at a time when judges trusted the Parole Board to determine when people convicted of crime, after having served a significant amount of time, could safely return to the community.

The WISDOM 11×15 Campaign is working to let the plight of these forgotten men and women be known to our decision-makers and to the people of Wisconsin. We were pleased to see this column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on February 9, 2014:

WISDOM has called upon Governor Walker to order an immediate, complete and transparent review of the way the “Old Law” prisoners are being dealt with. (Full Press Release on 11x15 website).

What can you do?

  • The 11×15 Campaign asks everyone to share this information as widely as you can, to respond to any news stories about the issue, and to encourage others to pay attention to this often-ignored population.

  • If you or a family member or loved one is trapped as an “old law” inmate who cannot get parole, please write a brief letter to Governor Walker letting him know about your circumstance. You can write to:

Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53207

Please send a copy of your letter to:

3195 S. Superior St., #310
Milwaukee, WI. 53207 (or to

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