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Tim Burns Runs for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Why should you vote for Attorney Tim Burns? #1: Don’t forget Act 10. #2. Don’t forget who won the presidential 2016 election. #3. Don’t forget WI was turned into a “Right to Work” state by the current governor now running for a third term in 2018.

Background: Tim is an accomplished attorney with Perkins Coie, LLP in Madison. Licensed in Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri, Tim’s national practice focuses on making insurance companies live up to their obligations to their policyholders. Because his practice is national, Tim was able to choose where to live. Not long after Tim and his wife Pam adopted their three wonderful children from China, they chose Wisconsin as their home.

Growing up in a family of eight, with parents who were too poor to finish high school, Tim’s family relied on the great pillars of our democracy — public roads, public parks, public libraries, and public schools — to propel them forward.

Tim is running because he’s a strong progressive: he believes in democracy. Our country works best when everyone has a voice in governing, not just special interests. Our democracy affirms the dignity and value of each person. The strength of our economy is inextricably tied to the strength of our democracy. When our democracy is strong, our economy is strong. Our courts used to be the great equalizer, they made sure that everybody got a fair shot. Now our courts have become the tools of special interests and their efforts to obtain opportunities for themselves. Those special interests are now getting a free ride, and they are weakening our democracy to make sure their free ride continues. That has to stop. Tim has made a career of standing up against insurance companies for individual consumers, small businesses, and large businesses. He knows how to take on giant corporations and win, because he knows how they work.

Just last month, Justice Gableman and four other conservative justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court refused a proposal requiring judges to recuse themselves from cases involving their big campaign donors. The Court’s decision violates citizens’ rights to a fair and impartial court. Justice Gableman previously refused to recuse himself from the John Doe investigation case even though it involved the activities of a Koch Brothers group and Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce, which combined spent over 2.2 million to put him on the court. The current conservative majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is part of a conservative legal movement that has declared war on working people and the protections that our democracy previously provided to them. Justice Gableman in particular authored the opinion upholding Act 10 —a law that had several aims, weakening workers’ rights, weakening our democracy, and weakening political opposition to special interests. We can no longer afford to select judges whose judicial philosophies allow our democracy to fail.

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