Time to close Walker’s failed jobs agency

The failure to close loopholes allowing public money to go to companies outsourcing Wisconsin jobs is only the tip of the iceberg at Walker’s failed jobs agency.

Now, in the headlines this week Walker’s top aides pushed Wisconsin Economic Development Agency (WEDC) to award a taxpayer-funded loan to company whose owner donated the maximum amount to the Walker campaign, created ZERO jobs and lost the state half a million dollars.

Enough is enough! WEDC is not just mismanaged, it’s a flawed model. That’s why we’re joining Citizen Action of Wisconsin this week to demand WEDC be closed immediately:

Sign our joint petition urging your legislators to demand WEDC be closed.

Governor Walker’s continued insistence that WEDC is “very successful” flies in the face of both the agency’s operational failures and Wisconsin’s poor performance in creating middle class jobs.

The only permanent solution to the stunning failure of Walker’s jobs agency is to disband it and create a fully accountable public department with a mission and a real strategy to create family supporting jobs.

No more tax giveaways to corporations outsourcing Wisconsin jobs. It’s time we raise our voices and demand accountability for the continued corruption at Walker’s WEDC:

Tell your legislators to scrap Walker’s failed jobs agency.

Thanks for standing with us,

-The United Wisconsin team

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Last edited by Tyler Schuster.   Page last modified on May 20, 2015

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