Town Hall Meetings with the Recall Candidates

After a year of incredible mobilization by people in Wisconsin, the upcoming recall elections are a time to:

  • Elect champions to fight for us
  • Win a mandate on our issues

MICAH has joined with other partners to put on town hall meetings with the recall candidates — real democracy where the people decide. At these town halls, members of MICAH and other partner organizations are going to put make sure the candidates listen to us.  Sign up to join us at the town halls here:

The town halls will take place statewide in early April:

  • April 5 -- Milwaukee -- 6:30 PM
  • April 9 -- Green Bay -- 6:30 PM
  • April 13 -- Wausau -- 6:30 PM
  • April 23 -- Racine -- 6:30 PM

Which one can you join us at?

The purposes of the town hall meetings are to:

  • Frame the recall election around the core issues like good jobs, healthcare, education.
  • Make the candidates tell us which side they’re on –

By making this recall about a defining choice on the issues and the direction of our state we can build the broad movement we need to win and to translate that victory into moving an agenda for citizens.  These town halls are a crucial part of bringing this movement moment into the democratic process.  Join us, and sign up here:

Register to join MICAH members and our allies for the town hall meetings to make sure the candidates understand we will hold them accountable if they are elected into office. From the streets to the ballot box, our movement needs champions, and here is where we will connect our issues with a mandate for real change come June 5.  

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